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Rossbach Cider is made in the very west corner of the Czech Republic. The idea of cider making came in the year 2010 during my work experience in England followed by exploring the craft of cider making in Somerset and Cornwall.

We manufactured our own product in October 2012 and presented three months later at a cider show in Prague. Since then we are facing solid demand growth. We supply ciders to the Czech market including shops, pubs and restaurants. Demand for cider from other countries grows, though. Recently we are looking for distributors in order to export Rossbach Cider in 0,33l CANs.

Our main production – Rossbach Cider refers to 'New World Cider' style whilst our premium cider Smiling Dog is inspired by English cider, made traditionally from local orchard and an old apple varieties.


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Thanks to the careful production process we offer high quality cider that tastes good and highlights the best fruit characteristics.



A customers’ favorite and our most awarded one. Refreshing and balanced medium-dry cider with rich apple flavor, gold in color.


5% Vol.

Available in: 0,33l can or bottle (11,6 fl. oz) and 20l KEG

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Apple Medium Rossbach Cider



Almost an apple wine. Dry fermented cider with nice apple flavor, tannins and oak tones. Made from Czech apples.


7% Vol.

Available in: 0,33l bottle or 0,7l bottle (23,7 fl. oz)

Apple Dry Rossbach Cider

sour cherry


Medium-dry fruit cider, light body and bright ruby color, made from Czech apples and sour cherries.


5% Vol.

Available in: 0,33l bottle (11,6 fl. oz) and 20l KEG

Apple Sour Cherry Rossbach Cider



Medium-dry pear cider, light body and yellow in color, made from pears and apples.


5% Vol.

Available in: 0,33l bottle and 20l KEG

Apple Pear Rossbach Cider



Our premium cider in a very limited edition. Well rounded, fruity full body and medium-length finish with tones of apple skin and seeds. Traditionally made from local orchard and old apple varieties.


5% Vol.

Available in: 0,33l blue bottle

Smiling Dog Premium Cider



Pomegranate cider made from apple and pomegranate juice.


5% Vol.

Available in: 0,33l bottle

Smiling Dog Pomegranate Cider

ice cider


Our award winning Icecider matured in oak barrel


14% Vol.

Available in: 0,375l bottle

Ice cider Frozen-In-Time picture coming soon


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Filip Slouka

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Craig Long

Tel.: +420 773 617 652

E-mail: cszavináč

Rossbach Cider Hranice

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